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The subject of the company’s activities in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 of the Statute is the implementation of construction projects, including legal and natural persons, and participation in the construction of, development and completion of construction projects and facilities and related industries, acceptance of technical advice and supervision, and construction of the property In the form of project or contract management, either in full or in partnership and participation in the shares of construction companies, and facilities from banks and financial and credit institutions to deal with the subject matter of the company, the purchase of shares for the company and the maintenance of resources In banks and credit institutions for the sake of optimal use of free resources

In line with the strategies of the Pension Fund of the Bank’s employees, Star Land Development Company was established as a special joint stock company and direct investment fund of this company on May 23, 2010, registered at the Company Registration and Industrial Property Registration Office No. 402890 and the announcement was established in the history 26/02/1390 Published in the official newspaper. The main purpose of the establishment of the company was to provide the following services:

A. Establishment of an executive arm for the implementation and management of the construction and completion of the property belonging to the Pension Fund

B- Introduction to one of the most thriving investment areas (building industry) for optimal use of financial resources